• ExCel London
  • 05 Nov 2018

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Workshops take place the day before the conference at CentrEd at ExCel (Royal Victoria Dock, 1 Western Gateway, London E16 1XL). Please note, tickets are sold separately from conference tickets.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) with Angular—rocking the web the native way!

Buzzword bingo time! For sure, PWA is one of the hottest topics in the web space today. Come and join the Thinktecture crew to learn about how to design and build Progressive Web Apps with Angular.

Steffen Jahr
Christian Liebel
Christian Weyer

Unit Testing Angular like a Boss

In this workshop, we will cover all the topics you need to know to effectively unit test Angular.

Joe Eames

State Management with Angular and NgRx

With easy, fun labs, we will help you learn why NgRx is considered an essential library for modern Angular applications. Learn how Redux works and why immutable data flows are crucial to predictable UX. Learn how NgRx brings reactive Redux features to your Angular application and see how effects and facades work with asynchronous processes. You'll also see how easy it is to test your application logic and explore the Redux time-travel features.

Dominic Elm

Ionic All In One

Get started with Ionic to create beautiful PWA & Hybrid applications with the same code base. Learn to use great tools such as the Ionic Dev App & Ionic View application to test your applications live on real mobile device. You also get to use the Ionic PRO suite to do some more advanced things like updating your application live without the App store using Ionic Deploy. Round up by learning to work with databases for your Ionic application to post data back and forth. We also get to talk about the new Capacitor tool from Ionic and how it will slowly phase out Cordova for access to Native runtime API.

Sani Yusuf


If you're new to front-end development, or know someone who is, ngGirls is a free workshop that introduces participants to Angular and guides them through the process of building and deploying their first Angular app.



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